The Dwarven population of the FantasyCraft Realm have amassed an enormous population, and are credited to many great structures and deeds. One of their noblest deeds was the joint siege and capture of the Shadowgate, the headquarters of the Shadows. Due to their pact with the other parties, the Shadowgate was split up into equal shares among the various parties. As it was rebuilt, the Dwarves called it Kristallia (The City of Crystal). There are a total of six Dwarven cities, patronizing the various ores within the Realm's earthly clutches. However, there is a fabled city that patronizes Obsidian, one impenetrable, so strong and cleverly built that it could resist a constant siege from Creepers without any worries while going to sleep at night.



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"Kristallia is the Dwarves Capital City, and by far, the biggest of any of their cities. Here, the king resides on his throne of stone, embedded with a plethora of diamonds. It has not been that long since the Dwarves set up in this city, for even though they eliminated the Shadows inhabiting it over two centuries ago, remnants of the nasty scum still stuck around. This caused hell for the clean up and construction parties the dwarves sent to restore the city to a former lost glory... "